The “Original” Kitchenette 

We have been manufacturing quality products in Newton, Illinois since 1914! Over the years we have changed our product line, developed new products, and improved our manufacturing facilities. We have not, however, changed our dedication to quality manufacturing and customer service.

Whether you are looking for brooms, brushes, or mops for your home, business, or industrial warehouse – Newton Broom and Brush Company has the right product for the job.  We invite you to download our Catalog which details all of our available products.  Once you have browsed the catalog, contact us today to place your order.

We look forward to hearing from you.

You can rely on Newton Broom & Brush products.


The “Original” Kitchenette  Accept No Substitutes

Angle Brooms

Large and Small Angle Brooms



Heavy Duty Broom with Metal Case


Cobweb Dusters with Extension Handle