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Brooms, broom corn and Illinois have a long history together. Benjamin Franklin is credited with introducing broom corn to this country around 1790. The growing district quickly spread from New York’s Mohawk Valley to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and Illinois.

The first Illinois broom corn was raised at Kankakee. Plantings in Galesburg, Champaign, Tuscola, Humboldt and Arcola soon followed. The area became know as the “Broomcorn Capital of America.” Although broom corn is no longer grown in Illinois, thousands of visitors come to Arcola, Illinois each year for its annual Broom Corn Festival.

Broom making got its start in Newton when local bankers E. W. Hersh and A. F. Calvin, together with former congressman E. B. Brooks, incorporated Newton Broom Company on January 10, 1914. They operated the broom factory in the old Krokobola Printing Co. plant until 1919. Then a new building was constructed at 201 East Decatur Street. In 1935 the original partnership was dissolved and P. L. Adams of Louisville, Kentucky purchased the business. In 1954, Adams died and his wife sold Newton Broom Company to Alex Leventhal of Cleveland, Ohio. In 1964 ownership of the Newton Broom Company passed into the hands of his sons. His son Don Leventhal is now the owner of Newton Broom & Brush Co and has moved and consolidated the operation to a modern plant and warehouse at 1508 West Jourdan.

Although broom factories once flourished around Illinois, few remain! The Newton Broom & Brush Co still manufactures broom corn brooms including The “Original” Kitchenette™ and it also manufactures railroad switch brooms, angle broom, soft sweep broom & cob web & fan dusters, and a complete line of push brooms and floor brushes. Other items include bowl brushes, kitchen & scrub brushes, The Newton Broom & Brush Company management and employee team continues to be dedicated to the goal of providing quality manufactured products and the best possible customer service in an ever changing market place.

Newton Broom Company Building 1935
Newton Broom Company in 1935.

Newton Broom and Brush Offices
Newton Broom and Brush dock building
Newton Broom & Brush Company today.