The “Original” Kitchenette – Accept No Substitutes

In 1936 the Joseph Lay Company of Portland, Indiana began the manufacturing the Kitchenette and soon after patented the trademark. In 1948 Kenny Quinn of Quinn Broom Works began manufacturing the Kitchenette™ and acquired all rights for the trademark. Although The Quinn Broom Works is no longer operating the Kitchenette™ has survived. Newton Broom & Brush Co purchased the trademark Kitchenette™ and is now manufacturing the same light weight 100% broom corn broom.

The Kitchenette™ has been shipped to over 5000 customers. The “Kitchenette™ has been purchased by individuals for personal use and gifts as well as groups and clubs for fund raising. To accommodate Kitchenette™ customers, we are now offering the same original quality made broom.  Purchase yours today.